Our Vision

Finlough’s History

Finlough has a chequered and interesting past.  From a farm of nearly 300 acres, over the last 50 years through succession and sale, the land has been divided up and parcelled off, leaving the best bit, 11 beautiful fields over 46 acres rolling down to Finlough lake for us to experiment on and share with our friends and family.  The land around Finlough has a strong history of utilisation for horticulture, having apparently been designated along with some parts of Meath, Wexford and other parts of the country as particularly fertile land for cultivation of crops to feed the nation.  Finlough was badly abused through poor land management for most of the 80’s and 90’s until James Murray discovered it and saw the potential to bring it back to a state of good health.  He set about working on the buildings, which had been housing sheep and bats for too long and were in serious disrepair, whilst re-seeding the pastures with clover-rich mixtures and converting the land to organic status (finally achieved in 2008).  Finlough will forever owe its bounty to his vision.

Where are we at right now?

Right at this minute, we’re just trying to plan out what it is this farm could be and do.  We want you to get involved with us – give us your suggestions, lend us your expertise, and bring whatever you can offer.  This is a community effort – and that doesn’t mean you need to live down the road.  Come and spend time on the farm and see if you can’t be a contributor to catalise this project and use it to help you grow in your own right.

Where are we going?

The future is soooo uncertain – peak oil, food security issues and the general malaise that we find our country in make any decisions about the future hard to make.  We don’t want to sit on our hands though.  Help us build the future we all want to see, and enjoy it with us!  Finlough invites you to come and create the projects – would you like to teach or learn more about growing in the heart of Ireland? Are you keen to discover more about Ireland’s rich cultural heritage? Or would you simply like to come and stay on a beautiful farm, take a boat on the lake, and cruise to one of Roscommon’s many cultural festivals such as Boyle Arts Festival, or The O’Carrollan Harp Festival.


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